We could write many guides to help you land a remote job. And we have, here and here! But we also believe that the best tips and tricks come from the first-hand experience of others who have searched for a remote role.

5 people working in 3 countries shared their awesome success stories with us, and the lessons they have learned along the way. Each of their journeys is unique, and none of them lives in San Francisco! Meet Tess, Rob, Samantha, Raman, and Carl.

Know your Strengths and Persist

“My top skill is not the ability to answer from the top of my head but to know where to look,” says Rob, who landed a role as Senior Office 365/SharePoint Consultant at Vidoori after a 20-month job search, 15 to 20 applications a week and 45 interviews. “It seemed there was always one or two desired skills or experience that I lacked, especially coding skills. Persistence and a well-polished resume combined with good job search habits got me the job.  Staying positive and humble helps a lot. I finally landed this role on a referral from an interview where I finished 2nd for the 30th time. Stay positive, encouraging, confident, and humble.”

Rob Moses, Senior Office 365/SharePoint Consultant

Network, Network, Network

“I was lucky to have a former colleague who was hiring for her product design team at Condé Nast in New York, and she reached out to me. The fact that most of her team was not remote but that she was actively considering and reaching out to remote candidates impressed me,” says Tess, Product Design Manager at Condé Nast. “The remote staff here never feel like we're second class team members, or that we have to spend time convincing in-office staff that we're valid—crucial factors to the success of a hybrid team.”

Tess Dixon, Product Design Manager

Be Flexible and Keep Learning

“Companies were reluctant in India as remote work was not common in 2013. But I was keen to experience the remote work life,” told us Raman, currently working as Cloud Engineer at Accion Labs. “Hence, I started learning Python and web application development on my own, as that field had the most number of remote jobs. I didn't get any work for almost a year, so I continued my journey of learning and traveling. Then, I started to get remote projects as a freelancer. For the next three years, I worked as a freelancer; most of my work was remote but a few projects involved working from the clients’ offices. Living this unstable life made me more resilient and technically strong.” In 2017, Raman finally landed his current full-time job. “The company was not full-time remote employee friendly but they had an urgent requirement for one of their clients and my skills were perfectly fit for the job. I told them early on that I was only interested in working remotely. Somehow, they accepted it!”.

Raman Balyan, Cloud Engineer

Carl’s experience also stresses the need to adapt, learn, and change. “After relocating to China, I noticed that I would have a hard time pursuing a career path in hardware engineering. Also, it was uncertain how long my wife and I would stay, so I wanted a flexible job where I could work both in my home country, Sweden, and in China without changing jobs each time we 'commuted' between countries. Remote software engineering was a better fit for my needs, so I decided to get into web development. After about 8 months of consistent self-study, I messaged my Tech Lead who was looking for a frontend developer on a Reactiflux discord channel. He liked what he saw, we clicked personally as well and he pushed me into the company where I am now, Tiket. I've been 100% remote for a year in that role.”

Carl-Wilhelm Igelstrom, Software Development Engineer

Ask For What You Want

“In 2018, my husband and I decided that after 7 years, living in the Bay Area wasn’t for us anymore. We were interested in leaving the traffic behind, buying a real house with a real yard, and getting rid of that long commute,” explains Samantha, Customer Success Manager at the Wiki Education Foundation. “When we decided that we wanted to really pursue leaving, I spoke with my boss who spoke with our Executive Director. Luckily, half of our team is already remote and after four years at the company where travel (aka being out of the office) was a main part of my job, our ED was happy to support me going remote with the move.”

Samantha Weald, Customer Success Manager

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