[Video] Natalie Portman Harvard Commencement Speech

Natalie Portman is a women of many talents, aside from being a successful actress, she happens to be a Harvard Graduate.

In her address to fellow graduates, she tells her story and chats about the impostor syndrome (more on this over here).

I find this speech remarkable, especially her take on achievement "Achievement is wonderful when you know why you're doing it" and "I love what I do, it's not only a good reason it's the best reason [to do what she does]".

Also, her audience is a crowd of young graduates, she urges them to harness their inexperience - those advices are very valid for those who aim at changing their field of work: "Make use of the fact that you don't doubt yourself too much right now" and "Your inexperience is an asses, allowing you to think in unconventional ways".