[Video] Why Meditation is the New Caffeine

This is one of the coolest video on Meditation I've seen - and it's only 20 minutes long (the rest of the video is a cool Q&A).

I find this video fascinating for a few reasons. First, my first ever meditation session was at Google: I got to follow a group meditation sessions, it was an awesome kick-off to the efforts I've been trying to keep up with on and off for the last few years.

Also, Emily is awesome. As a person and as a speaker, she's very expressive beyond her words - if you were to mute this video, you'll probably be curious to hear what she's saying by looking at how she expresses herself - even though she's sitting down - she still manages to tell a great story through her expressions and poses.

Really enjoyed this video, it has a cool scientific approach to meditation and it's amazing to see how engaging Emily is with her audience.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this video - I'll be embarking on a 3/4 week transatlantic sail next week and plan to try & meditate every day - will be happy to report on my progress upon my return - feel free to share yours!

Meanwhile, my brother P-A will help push Remotive every Monday as normal, have a great week!

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